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www.diabeticinfo.co.uk was set up by Paul Foreman on 1st May 2002


The purpose of this site is to help all Diabetics - especially the newly diagnosed.


Compiled with a view to keeping things simple, concentrating on plain speaking and easy to understand guides - no big words, no medical jargon, no fancy brochures, just plain facts and figures and good sensible and sound advice - from a patient's perspective.


Helping make life easier for Diabetics and in particular for newly diagnosed Diabetics, who are faced with tracking down information, products and advice from many different sources, about many different things, which can often be upsetting and disheartening at a time when you need as much help and assistance as possible to adapt to a huge change in your life. It seems hard at first until you realise that you are not alone!


This website is designed as a one stop central store of information that will assist every Diabetic and many professionals in the various medical fields that support Diabetics.


Please help keep details up to date and relevant and PLEASE do give feedback!!!!


Has something on the site really helped you?


Or could more be added?


The site will be constantly improved, so please do revisit at a later date.

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This site should be plain speaking & jargon free! - If there is anything you do not understand

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