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Diabetes can be tough to contend with and there could be times when you may suffer from depression, whether diabetes related or not.


Fortunately there is help available from many sources, including your GP. It is important to speak to your Doctor even if you do not feel like you need to or want to because often during low periods you will not be best placed to decide for yourself whether you need help or not.


It is not uncommon to enter depression after being newly diagnosed as there is such a lot to contend with and the initial pressure can quickly bring you down.


See your Doctor for advice if you are experiencing mood changes or behavioural changes, lack of concentration, poor sleep, tiredness or lack of motivation. It is important not to bottle things up, to eat well and take regular exercise, resist turning to drink and understand that you may not always realise it is depression because it can come on gradually - look after yourself and ask for help.



A fantastic book that will help if you have ever suffered from depression or in case you do in the future is "Stop Thinking & Start Living" by Richard Carlson.


Grab a copy of this book should it happen to you or perhaps get it anyway!


Brilliantly written, simple to understand and highly recommended, this book will help you start to feel better very quickly.

Depression and Diabetes