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Diet Part Two is a "quick info section" that helps identify a healthy eating diet

at a glance. It is recommended that you have 5 servings of fruit & veg ever

day. Here are some ideas - the latest craze is blitzing fruits to drink -

whatever you prefer



Fruit & Veg


Whole fruits


Grapes and slices of tropical fruits

Canned fruits in natural juice

Fruit juice or dried fruits

Fresh, frozen and canned vegetables

Salad vegetables


Base meals on starchy carbohydrate foods with low glycaemic index



Whole grain cereals and breads (my personal favourite is bite-sized shredded wheat)

Rye bread

High fibre white bread

French stick

Pitta bread

Wholemeal crackers


Basmati rice




Opt for lower fat dairy foods


Semi or skimmed milk

Low fat, diet or shape yoghurt

Reduced fat or cottage cheese

Low fat or diet fromage frais

Dutch Edam

Almost fat free milk puddings


Choose foods rich in mono unsaturates


Rapeseed, olive oil, groundnut oil (peanut)

Spreads based on mono unsaturated fatty acids (Bertolli is great!)



Almonds (it is reported that a small handful daily can assist in reducing cholesterol)

Oil rich fish, such as mackerel, salmon or sardines (unless you suffer from Gout!)


Choose lean meat, poultry, fish



Breakfast options


Base your breakfast on starchy carbohydrates such as porridge and cereals that contain oats such as muesli, or add a handful of crunchy oat cereal to your favourite corn or bran cereal

Use semi-skimmed milk or fat free yogurt with cereals

Add fruit for fibre & vitamins

Bread is a great option (2 slices of toast or a bowl of bite-sized shredded wheat should both give a good stable blood sugar until first mid-morning snack)

Granary or seed breads, such as oat or rye bread, high fibre white bread, pitta or bap

Occasional treats of a cooked breakfast are ok - you have to have a life as well! Choose low fat options and trim excess fat from bacon - & be sensible about portions!

Try weetabix, shredded wheat, rice krispies, shreddies, puffed wheat, porridge, unsweetened muesli (not sugar coated) cornflakes


Lunch options


Again base them on carbohydrate foods


Sandwiches or toast (bread as suggested above)

Lentils, beans, pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, pasta shapes, try wholemeal varieties, noodles, soups, slices of lean meats

Grated low fat cheese, carrots, cottage cheese, baked potatoes, oil rich fish, rice salads, peppers

Sandwich fillers are pretty good options these days - check contents

White or brown rice is suitable


Dinner options


Again base dinners on carbohydrates


Boiled new potatoes, roast potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, basmati rice, noodles, baked beans, butter beans or kidney beans, stews, hot pots, fish, poultry, add some protein for minerals


Grill, or bake, make casseroles with lean meats and poultry such as beef, lamb steaks, pork, chicken or turkey

Steam vegetables, salad vegetables

Stir frys are excellent, rice dishes are fabulous

Try tuna, pasta, spaghetti even occasional pizza is ok

Fruit based deserts are great - if you have deserts


Supper options


Once again carbohydrate based - something reasonably light

Small cereal portion

Toast or bread


Quick table & more detailed table of

Guideline daily amounts (Click to download):

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Diabetes Diet Part Two

High fibre foods are beneficial as they slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood

Increase your fruit & veg intake

Have a balanced varied diet and enjoy your food

Cut down on fried and fatty foods


Diet at a glance -

Cut down on crisps - opt for low fat versions

Try grilling, baking or steaming foods

Limit chips to once a week or try oven chips

Remember you can consult a dietician!

Avoid diabetic foods - they are not necessary! They are often high in calories and fat and can cause diarrhoea and stomach upsets due to the amount of sweeteners they contain!

Remember it is not a no sugar diet but a low sugar diet!

Sweets, chocolates, toffees, fudge, mints can be eaten as treats occasionally, best after a meal - be sensible about portions - a small slice of cake on a special occasion is better than not having any!

Opt for plain biscuits such as Rich Tea or Morning Coffee

Fruit or raw veg is a great between meal snack - celery, pepper and carrots are good examples

An example of 5 helpings is -

1 apple

1 banana

2 tablespoons of veg

1 bowl of salad

1 small glass of unsweetened fruit juice

Grate cheese to use less & try low fat varieties such as Edam & Gouda

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