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Novopen 3


The Novopen 3 is very convenient and it has a positive click when dialing up insulin doses. This is useful when your eyes are not too good, which was the case when I was first diagnosed. The case supplied is sturdy.




Frio wristbands


I found the wristband effective, very reasonably priced and easy to use. What I found unusual was the size of the wristband - I am a 12 ½ stone average male but found the wristband too big for my wrist in that I ran out of Velcro material to adjust the band to the size of my wrist. I was very impressed with this product, which should help keep me cool in the summer months.


A wonderful and highly practical product in which to carry your diabetic accessories.


Visit the Desang website for more details.



Frio Insulin Cool Wallets


The Frio Cool Wallet is easy to use and designed to keep insulin cold while travelling (ideal to take on a journey until you get a chance to put your insulin back in a fridge) It keeps insulin cold for at least 45 hours. Opt for the larger versions as it gives more space. This product is fantastic




SERCO Travel sharp's box

I purchased my travel sharps box from


The Medical Shop -


It was cheap and is

ideal for safely storing

discarded needles

on holiday


Hypogeen Skincare creams


A Derma Award winning cream for Dry & Sensitive skin this is a fabulous product - and highly recommended! It is a bit costly for a small tub and that is simply because it works!




Novopen 3 Travel sharps box Red frio wallet, black wristband

Black wristband

Red insulin wallet

Other colours available

Check Frio website

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Lily of the Desert "Aloe Vera Gelly"

Aloe Vera Gelly Aloe Vera Gelly

This is a superb natural product - it is real Organic Aloe Vera Gel. The best moisturiser I have found. Extremely versatile; it can even be used as a non-greasy hair gel. Available in small or large sizes the smaller tube is brilliant on the go, the larger one suitable for home use. More details on the Arctic Medical site. Highly recommended!

Help raise awareness of diabetes and be safe when you are out - this logo will make people aware that if you are acting drunk it could be your sugar levels and NOT drink causing it!

Hypo-Fit Direct Energy Sachets


The perfect pocket solution Hypo remedy! These slimline sachets come in different flavours and there is a wonderful sturdy "Brill Box" to keep two sachets in. Brilliant idea!


Available on prescription


More details at





Brill box Hypo-Fit Arctic Medical

Accu-Chek Aviva Meter


This is a fantastic meter – and the best I have used. There are so many features that make it user-friendly, it shows the company have really thought about their product and made it as convenient as possible for the user and that shows they care about us.


The Accu-Chek Aviva gives results in five seconds from a tiny amount of blood (only 0.6ul) the strip is wide and the blood almost gets sucked up from your finger as soon as it touches the strip making it simple to get an instant reading. The meter detects when there is insufficient blood so you are not likely to get a dodgy result and it even gives you enough time to add a second swipe of blood if you don’t quite get enough on after the first attempt (although that is rare as the strips are so excellent; as long as you are concentrating, they get the blood off your finger every time!)


The box of strips has a neat lid that aids leverage when opening – that is fantastic thinking; the last thing you want before a test is a struggle on your hands getting a strip out!

The memory capacity for results is 500 tests which gives the option of analysing your average levels over a wider period – this is good because if like me you test at least eight times a day this facility gives you two months tests at a glance. There is optional (on purchasing Accu-Chek software) Data-Management via infra-red which gives you the capacity to add meter results to your computer and see graphs etc of your blood sugar levels: you simply point your meter at the infra-red device which plugs into your computer and sits on your desk (it looks similar to a small web cam) and your meter “speaks” to your computer…brilliant technology!


The meter also has an alternative site testing option which means if you are experiencing sore fingers you can test on other parts of the body, however, that said – the Multiclix finger pricker is so good it is pretty unlikely you will experience pain using this meter! The finger pricker needles are very fine and if you get your setting right for your skin depth it should be painless. If it isn’t painless are you pricking the side of your finger? There are less nerve endings at the sides of your fingers than on the pads of your finger. If you still get pain you have the alternative site option to try.


The Multiclix finger pricker is a genius piece of equipment – you don’t have individual lancets – it has little drums that contain six at a time and after each test you simply twist the end of the finger pricker and it moves onto the next lancet. This ensures that, not only is your lancet new, it is sharp and the test less painful. It also reduces risk of infection as you are not reusing the lancet (it is tempting to do so yet simply unnecessary because it isn’t difficult to twist the end after a test and it is easy to carry a couple of extra drums in the meter case) Used drums when removed from the finger pricker show a red line so it is easy to see an old one at a glance and what's more, you can simply discard used drums in normal household waste as they are sealed units - no need to put it in a sharps bin! They have literally thought of everything!


For more information and to see a demo of the meter visit:



“ACCU-CHEK is a trademark of Roche © Roche Diagnostics Limited”

Accu-Chek Aviva Meter Accu-Chek Aviva Meter