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If you are newly diagnosed it is important to give yourself time to adapt.


It is likely that you will have been very ill up to the time of diagnosis and now that you are receiving medication you should start to feel better very quickly.


What is ahead of you however, is a big learning curve, as you begin to adapt to being a Diabetic. If ever there was a time to put yourself first - this is it. Take as much time as you need off of work, in liaison with your GP and seek as much advice as you want. There are many supportive and caring people able to help you cope so do not feel that you are alone.


It is likely that your eyesight will worsen temporarily, as your body adjusts to having insulin again. This can be upsetting and you will be very frustrated at times. You must allow yourself time to improve, be patient as your eyes adjust.  It could take about a month to settle down.


It will help if you have a family member or friend who is able to assist you in arranging anything you need such as your prescriptions. Whilst this section of the web site contains some advice that will hopefully make it easier for you, when you are first diagnosed there is a lot to take in all at once - it will get easier.


Rest assured you are not alone.

Diabetes and Putting yourself first when Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Mind Map