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1 diet yoghurt or 2 Shape fruit Fromage Frais


Bread & Biscuits


1 wholemeal shortbread biscuit

2 low fat water biscuits

1 low fat Matzo cracker

3 low fat Hi-Lo crackers

2 Jacob's cream crackers

2 low fat crackers

1 oatcake

2 rich tea

5 cheddars

3 TUC biscuits

1 small pancake

2 rice cakes

2 Ryvita

1 slice wholemeal bread

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There are some very tasty Wholemeal Crackers made by Fox's that are ideal for diabetics and also suitable for vegetarians.


They come in 250g boxes and contain five individually wrapped 4 biscuit portions...one or two biscuits being enough as a snack....you could buy a miniature lunchbox to house a 4 biscuit pack. It takes up little space and keeps the biscuits fresh. This is a superb snack option


Basic per biscuit nutritional details are as follows:


Protein                      1.1g

Carbohydrate           7.5g

(of which Sugars)     1.7g

Fat                            2.6g

(of which saturates) 1.0g

Fibre                         0.9g

Sodium                 0.081g


58 Calories per biscuit



Fox's Wholemeal Crackers

Diabetes and Snacks

Cool tip!


During Summer when everyone else is eating ice creams and lollies - you do not have to miss out!


Try making your own lollies with sugar free drinks! It works!




1 apple

1 orange

1 peach

1 pear

1 nectarine

1 small banana

10 grapes

15 cherries

2 plums

2 kiwi fruit

More snack ideas - these are ideal as an alternative to a digestive biscuit

Crisps & Nuts


1 packet low fat crisps

1 packet of Walkers Quavers

1 pack of 25g Twiglets

1 pack of 3oz Mini cheddars

1 pack of Walkers French fries

Nairn's Oat Biscuits

Nairn's Oat Biscuits are perfect for diabetics - and they come in a big variety of flavours. The Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits pictured above are lovely!


Low G.I. Wheat free, no hydrogenated fat, no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, 1.5g fat per biscuit, 200g box


They are really convenient - coming in 5 biscuit packs - ideal to carry in a small lunchbox.


These are brilliant biscuits because they help keep your sugar level more even rather than providing a rush.


Thanks to my Doctor for suggesting them!


Here are the basic nutritional details per biscuit:


Protein                       0.8g

Carbohydrate             6.7g

(of which sugars)       1.8g

Fat                             1.5g

(of which saturates)   0.6g

Fibre                           0.6g

Salt                             0.4g

Sodium                       0.03g


43 Calories per biscuit



Click a picture to take it with you to the shops:

Here is a useful foundation guide to the amount of carbs in the foods you are eating. You can work from this Map or create your own personal one based on the snacks you eat. This Map compares a small number of snacks and by "snacks" what is meant is food eaten between main meals to help maintain a steady and even blood sugar level as opposed to big sugar rises. (There are of course many more snack options than this map shows) Personally, I find it useful to have in mind a snack carb figure of about 10 to 12g so that I know roughly what impact food is having on blood sugar levels. This figure may of course be too much or too little for you - so you will need to discover your own ideal amount

Snack Carb Amounts Mind Map