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Please do not view this section negatively – or worry unduly

about what you read below - this story has a lesson for all of us.


Edwarda O'Bara has spent over 30 years in a diabetic coma


This is an exceptional and astonishing true story that teaches all of us about unconditional love. Kaye O’Bara has cared for her daughter who is in a coma for over thirty years.


Edwarda O’Bara, at the age of 16 fell into a diabetic coma on January 3rd 1970. Kaye fed her daughter every two hours and gave her insulin every four around the clock without fail! Edwarda O’Bara remains in a coma, in Miami, Florida. Before you judge prematurely, please read on....


Thousands of people the world over are praying for Edwarda to make a recovery – she shows signs of awareness despite being in a coma for so long and her story inspires the world; she is considered a saint, sent to teach the world compassion and peace through her silence. People visit Edwarda from all over the world because she has special qualities and gives everyone hope and she inspires others to be thankful in their own lives.


There are many remarkable happenings surrounding Edwarda - one small example is that during World War 1 a nun kept 350 names of soldiers under an Infant of Prague statue that sits on the window sill above Edwarda’s bed. Every single soldier came home safely.


If you wish to read the complete story please purchase a copy of “A Promise is a Promise” by Wayne & Marcelene Dyer (ISBN 139781561708727) All royalties go directly towards Edwarda’s care.


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Edwarda O'Bara