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Albert King

(known as BB King)

(1925 - )

US Blues Singer and Guitarist

Born in Itta Bena, Mississippi BB King is one of the best-known Blues performers famed for his economic yet brilliant guitar playing. He has been entertaining people for over forty years. BB is a lovable character with a massive reputation in music fields.

You will be amazed how many stars are diabetic - some of whom still manage extraordinary achievements giving all diabetics inspiration.


There is a wonderful website about Famous Diabetics that lists hundreds of people - it is a big database so it may take a while to load - be patient and visit www.angelarose.com/FamousDiabetics/


Below are a few of my favourites -

Elvis Presley

(1935 - 1977)

US singer and actor

Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis was the most influential performer of the rock-and-roll era. He had many hits including 'Hound Dog', 'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Love Me Tender'. He also starred in many films. The legend known as 'The King' was and still is much loved.

Sir Harry Secombe

(1921 - 2001)

Welsh singer and entertainer

Born in Swansea 8/9/21. Entertainer, comic, singer, television presenter, to name just a few strings, the much loved Harry was most famous as a member of 'The Goons'. He was knighted in 1981 for his services to charity and entertainment and was diagnosed with diabetes in 1983. He became president of Diabetes UK the same year and remained so for 18 years, campaigning and supporting the charity and giving hope and inspiration to many fellow diabetics.

Herbert George Wells

(1866 - 1946)

British writer

Born in Bromley, Kent, Wells vast and varied literary output included the works 'Time Machine', 'The Invisible Man' and 'The War Of The Worlds'.

In 1934 H G Wells and R D Lawrence, who both had diabetes, founded the British Diabetic Association, which is now known as Diabetes UK.

Elvis Presley Sir Harry Secombe H G Wells B B King Halle Berry

Halle Berry


American Actress

If it is possible to look like Halle Berry and be a diabetic then none of us have any worries!

Steve Redgrave


British Olympic gold medallist in Rowing. Diagnosed at the age of 35. Steve Redgrave had to battle against Type 1 diabetes to become the success he is - he had to take on board four times his normal calorie count to achieve his rowing Gold medals! He is living proof that anything is possible as a diabetic!


Steve Redgrave

Famous Diabetics