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The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust newsletters are very informative and they will also keep you abreast of developments related to diabetes and in particular the availability of animal insulins.


The IDDT campaigns hard to ensure animal insulin's will continue to be produced, as not all diabetics can use human (synthetic) insulin's. The tremendous work of the IDDT helps enormously in maintaining this freedom of choice for diabetics.


The IDDT are the UK arm of Insulin For Life (Australian organisation) who collect and send unwanted diabetes supplies to developing countries and in emergencies such as the Tsunami and hurricane Katrina. If you have any of the following unwanted items please send them to the IDDT


Insulin (in-date by at least three months)




Blood Glucose meters (new with strips)


They also fund research - for more details visit their website below


Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

PO Box 294



01604 622837

Fax 01604 622838



Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust